Back Pain From Prolonged Sitting In An Office Chair

10 November 2018
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An office job might seem like the most ideal type for staying comfortable at work, but it can actually lead to a lot of pain. For instance, sitting in an office chair for numerous hours each day can cause severe back pain that is difficult to cope with. Although there are office chairs that are designed for supporting the back, it is sometimes still difficult to avoid experiencing pain. Back pain can cause problems to the extent of not being able to perform your job in a productive manner, which can put you at risk of getting terminated. Read More 

Losing To Much Work Due To Migraines? You May Have Oxidated Stress

4 August 2018
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Approximately 14% of the world's population suffers from migraines. Migraines can be debilitating. In fact, Americans lose 113 million days of work productivity due to migraines. Migraines typically last anywhere from four to 72 hours. Some people have migraines several times a week, which can severely affect their productivity in the workplace. If you suffer from migraines regularly and are in fear of losing your job because of it, there is new research that may help. Read More 

What Are The Best Types Of Massage For Arthritis Sufferers?

26 March 2018
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Arthritis is one of the most common and painful ailments you might experience as you age. It can make it difficult to walk or open jars and even to enjoy everyday life. There are some treatments that have proven helpful to sufferers and one of those is using massage therapy. Since there are different types of massage available to you, what are the best types of massage for arthritis sufferers? Read More