Back Pain From Prolonged Sitting In An Office Chair

10 November 2018
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An office job might seem like the most ideal type for staying comfortable at work, but it can actually lead to a lot of pain. For instance, sitting in an office chair for numerous hours each day can cause severe back pain that is difficult to cope with. Although there are office chairs that are designed for supporting the back, it is sometimes still difficult to avoid experiencing pain. Back pain can cause problems to the extent of not being able to perform your job in a productive manner, which can put you at risk of getting terminated. Continue reading this article to learn about a few ways to reduce back pain that is caused from sitting in an office chair for long periods of time.

Go to a Chiropractor After Work

Long hours of sitting in an office chair on a daily basis leads to tension being built up in the back. The tension becomes worse if it isn't released, which can cause your back muscles to feel strained. The pressure can also have an effect on the spinal cord and cause a large amount of air to accumulate between joints. Going to a chiropractor after work is a great way to release tension on a regular basis which will eventually result in little to no back pain. The chiropractor can perform massages and manipulate your bones in a way that releases any air that has become trapped between joints.

Exercise While Taking Breaks

It is a good idea to fit in some exercising during your time at work. No matter how long or short your breaks may be, it is a sufficient amount of time to exercise. For example, if you only get a 10 minute break other than the time allotted for lunch, it is enough time to do a few jumping jacks, sit-ups, or any other quick moves you can think of. Even if you spend your breaks simply stretching out your limbs or taking a short walk, it can help with reducing the amount of tension in your back. Your goal should be to keep your back moving every so often so the bones and tissues in it will not tense up.

Develop Proper Sitting Habits

You will see a major improvement in the amount of back pain that you experience each day by learning proper sitting habits. How you sit in your office chair actually plays a major role in the amount of tension that is placed on the back. For example, rather than slouching over as you are sitting down, get into the habit of sitting with your spinal cord aligned as straight as possible.