What Are The Best Types Of Massage For Arthritis Sufferers?

26 March 2018
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Arthritis is one of the most common and painful ailments you might experience as you age. It can make it difficult to walk or open jars and even to enjoy everyday life. There are some treatments that have proven helpful to sufferers and one of those is using massage therapy. Since there are different types of massage available to you, what are the best types of massage for arthritis sufferers?

Swedish Massage

The most popular form of massage therapy is the Swedish massage. This is the traditional one that most people receive when they head to the therapist. It involves long stroking motions along the muscles and tissues that are experiencing pain and stiffness. The therapist will adjust their pressure depending on how much pain you are in and your sensitivity level. They will usually use oil or lotion to help their hands glide easier and to help relieve pain.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massages are typically carried out at spas but there are therapists who will use the tools to help relieve pain and loosen tense muscles and tissue. You will lay flat on your stomach while the therapist places hot stones at pressure points on your back to let the heat relieve pain and tension. The therapist will use their hands to knead your muscles once the heat has helped to loosen the tension. There is a variation of this method using cold stones which can help with injuries and swelling.

Ayurvedic Massage

This is an Indian natural health massage that blends the use of yoga, meditation, and massage together to help relieve tension and pain brought on by arthritis. This is a whole body massage using natural oils that have been chosen because of their reported healing properties and natural herbs that are said to help in pain treatment.

Thai Massage

Thai massage combines massage techniques and yoga-like stretching to help improve flexibility to help loosen muscles. Therapists will either use full-on stretching exercises along with the massage or they will apply pressure to muscles and joints to encourage the joints and limbs to become more flexible thereby helping to make the pain more bearable.

Trigger Point Massage Therapy

One of the most effective massage therapies for arthritis is trigger point massage. This is when a doctor or massage therapist uses pressure to myofacial trigger points to help relieve pain and loosen the joints. It can also include injections into those trigger points of a numbing agent where the knots have formed.

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