Auto Accident Chiropractic Adjustments: Back Treatments For Whiplash

18 December 2019
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If you've been involved in a car accident, the recovery process can sometimes be the hardest part. This is particularly true if you suffer the most common back injury sustained in an auto accident: whiplash. Here are some of the ways that a chiropractor such as the Aurora Chiropractic Clinic, can help you recover from whiplash to get your back, back on the path to recovery. Making the Right Move The pain associated with whiplash occurs primarily because the joints along your spinal cord become immobilized by the violent trauma of the accident. Read More 

2 Ways Whiplash Can Adversely Affect Your Everyday Life

2 August 2019
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After being rear-ended in a car accident, the sudden force may have thrown your head forward, putting a strain on your neck and leading to a diagnosis of whiplash. While you may already be experiencing the pain and tenderness caused by the injury to the soft tissue, you may wonder just how much of an impact it will have on your ability to function. Below are two ways that whiplash can adversely affect your everyday life. Read More 

Physical And Occupational Therapy After A Stroke

17 May 2019
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If you have suffered a stroke, then your physician may recommend that you enroll in a physical or occupational therapy program or both. Almost all stroke patients can benefit from a rehabilitative program, however, your progress will depend upon the extent of your disabilities. Here are some ways physical and occupational therapy or other injury rehab therapy program can help you recover from your stroke: Physical Therapy If your legs are weak or partially paralyzed, you may benefit from physical therapy. Read More 

Not Sure If A Chiropractor Has A Service That Can Help You? A Listing Of Common Services

2 February 2019
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Everyone knows that if you have back pain, a chiropractor can help. What most people do not know is that a chiropractor can provide a variety of other chiropractic treatment services. If you are experiencing physical discomfort of any kind, but you are not sure if the chiropractor can help, the following list of typical services can help you decide if you want to see a chiropractor. Hip Pain and Shortened Legs Read More