Not Sure If A Chiropractor Has A Service That Can Help You? A Listing Of Common Services

2 February 2019
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Everyone knows that if you have back pain, a chiropractor can help. What most people do not know is that a chiropractor can provide a variety of other chiropractic treatment services. If you are experiencing physical discomfort of any kind, but you are not sure if the chiropractor can help, the following list of typical services can help you decide if you want to see a chiropractor.

Hip Pain and Shortened Legs

​Most people go their entire lives not knowing or realizing that they have one leg shorter than the other. That is because most people with this physical anomaly are less than a quarter-inch short on one side of their bodies. As for everyone else who has greater than a quarter-inch difference in length between the two legs, they eventually develop a lot of pain in their hips.

The pain becomes more apparent if they walk, run, jog, stand in long lines, or exercise more. If you have a lot of hip pain, you may have one leg that is shorter than the other, and the difference in length causes the muscles in the hips to pull against each other for balance. Your chiropractor can take an X-ray of your hips and measure the length of your legs to see if this applies. If it does, the chiropractor can make adjustments to your hips to alleviate pain and to release tightened muscles around the hips so that the shorter leg lengthens just enough to put your hips back in balance.

Stress Relief

​People often carry stress in their necks and shoulders. It is this "up-tight" position that causes you to feel a lot of pain in these areas of your body. Short of removing yourself from everything that causes you stress (which is often difficult to nearly impossible), you can see a chiropractor. They will make adjustments, provide massages to release the tension, and help you find ways to relax so that you can relieve some of that stress and tension appearing in your body.

Soft Tissue Damage

​Chiropractors are able to take X-rays. Mostly, they are looking at your spine, your vertebrae, and your shoulder and hip carriages. However, they can read an X-ray for soft tissue damage, such as a herniated disk in your back, or swelling and inflammation in part of your body that appears as a large, opaque area in an X-ray. In short, visiting a chiropractor for pain can reveal that something else medically wrong exists, and then you should see your regular doctor.