Care You Can Expect To Receive At A Headache Care Clinic

24 February 2022
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If you've been dealing with chronic headaches or frequent headaches, it is a good idea to seek specialized care at a headache treatment clinic. But what types of treatments do these facilities tend to provide? Each clinic is a bit different, of course, but the following are some of the key treatments you generally see at headache treatment facilities.

Chiropractic Adjustments 

Headaches are often more related to the neck and back than people realize. If your neck is sore or stiff, then this can cause some strain towards the back of your head where it connects to your spine. This, in turn, can cause the muscles around your head to tighten up, which can cause headaches or make a headache worse. 

One way for practitioners to ease the tension in your neck and back is via a chiropractic adjustment. Once the vertebrae in this region are back in alignment, there will be less strain on the muscles. You should then notice that your headaches start to subside. The headache clinic may suggest chiropractic adjustments on a regular basis until your headaches come under better control. These adjustments won't be painful, but you may hear a crackling noise as the chiropractor moves your vertebrae.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy often pairs well with chiropractic care as a treatment for chronic and frequent headaches. It's often best to have a massage before your chiropractic adjustment. This way, your muscles will be loose, which will allow the chiropractor to manipulate your spine. 

When giving a massage specifically for the purpose of treating headaches, your massage therapist will generally focus on the neck and shoulders. However, they may also gently massage your temples, your face, and your forehead. Relaxing modalities, like hot stone massage and aromatherapy massage, can also help reduce your stress levels, which can be helpful for easing headaches, too.

Natural Pain Relief

Instead of prescribing lots of prescription pain relievers to ease your headaches, practitioners at a headache treatment clinic may focus on recommending natural pain relievers. They may, for example, recommend herbs or essential oils for you to take orally or enjoy via aromatherapy. This can allow you to use stronger pain relievers less often, which is usually good for your overall health.

Headache care clinics can be a good place to begin for you to seek care. Most facilities take a multi-faceted approach, using the above therapies and sometimes others, too.