When To See A Chiropractor For Your Lower Back Pain

25 August 2021
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Sometimes people suffer back pain due to poor sleeping or sitting postures or other minor reasons like excessive straining during a workout. But when the pain doesn't go away and becomes unbearable, it could be severe and could need a professional touch. Here are a few warning signs that indicate you need chiropractic care.

Your Pain Is Chronic

Anytime you experience pain, your first reaction may be to seek medication. However, frequently taking painkillers is a temporary option and can cause your body to become dependent on the painkillers. 

If you have been taking pain medication for a while and the pain doesn't go away, you need to schedule a visit to a chiropractor. Chiropractic care is drug-free and non-invasive, yet it tackles the pain from the source, preventing recurrence.

The Pain Is a Result of an Accident

Accidents are more than road crashes. Falling from a ladder or down the stairs is also considered an accident. Accidents can be severe, and the effects can be deadly, especially when you fall on a hard surface. Although often overlooked, these minor accidents can cause irreversible damage if not addressed. Therefore, if you were recently involved in an accident, see a chiropractor.

You Are Experiencing Limited Motion 

Have you noticed a limit in your range of motion since your pain set in? When your pain begins interfering with simple everyday tasks, like putting on your shoes or picking things off the floor, rush to a chiropractor.

Chiropractors offer therapies and remedies for back pains caused either by issues from the spine or back muscles. The treatment gets rid of the back pain and helps you resume normal motion, making life better and more enjoyable.

The Pain Gets Worse at Night

It isn't normal to have lower back pain that gets worse at night or when you sleep. Back pain that becomes severe at night indicates a severe underlying issue like a spinal tumor, fracture, or disc degeneration.

Taking sleep medication or painkillers to make it more bearable doesn't address the problem. These pills only address the surface of the issue. Therefore, consider seeing a chiropractor for a long-term and effective solution.

You Are a Sportsperson

Active people like athletes are more susceptible to soft tissue injury. Irrespective of age, skill, or sport, it's essential to visit a chiropractor frequently if you're physically active. Contact sports often lead to back muscle pain injuries.

If you notice the pain you feel is originating from the hard muscular tissue, a chiropractor visit is appropriate. While sports massage can help with soft tissues, you need the services of a chiropractor for hard muscular tissue problems and spinal adjustment.

Over-the-counter painkillers and regular massages don't offer an effective or long-term treatment for lower back pain. Therefore, schedule your appointment with a chiropractor if you have experienced chronic pain that gets worse at night and limits your motion. The sooner, the better!