Keep Lower Back Pain At Bay With These Techniques

4 August 2016
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Back pain is one of the most common medical problems in the healthcare industry, so you aren't alone when it comes to trying to put the pain in check. Here are a few things you can do to reduce your lower back pain and keep it from consistently returning as time goes on:

Make Use of Acupuncture

Used as a form of Chinese medicine that helps decrease lower back pain and increase mobility, acupuncture can help you regain your physical independence as well as improve your overall quality of life. During acupuncture, opioid peptides are released into the body which acts as a natural painkiller and can help dull any pain that you perceive in the back region.

Acupuncture treatment involves having needles inserted into your body's pressure points in order to stimulate blood flow and stimulate your bodily energy. A professional knows exactly where, when, and how deep to insert the acupuncture needles which will ensure that you stay safe during the treatment and that no ill effects are experienced.

Take a Daily Walk

Getting outside for a daily walk is a great way to reduce your lower back pain and increase your back health overall. Walking is thought to release endorphins that decrease the perception of pain and increases comfort levels so you can enjoy your day without having to focus on backaches. Walking on a regular basis will also improve your balance, increase flexibility, and strengthen your back muscles so the recurrence of pain is less likely. You can gain benefits from walking by simply strolling through your neighborhood every evening after dinner with your loved ones, completing a walking route during lunch with co-workers, or even parking at the far end of shopping center parking lots and walking the distance to and from your favorite outlets.

Practice Yoga Regularly

Yoga has the ability to strengthen back and abdominal muscles which will help support your spine so it isn't overworked when sitting, standing, and posturing throughout the day. Yoga also works by stretching the body and relaxing the muscles so that your back doesn't get tensed up as you move around and live your life.

Practicing yoga on a regular basis should make it easier to maintain the optimal curvature of the spine and take some pressure off your back muscles overall, which will improve your body's alignment and take stress off your pressure points. It's important to work with an instructor in person at a class within your community before attempting to practice yoga at home alone so you can be sure that you're practicing the moves correctly.

As long as you incorporate these techniques into your lifestyle on a regular basis, they should provide you with significant results to enjoy for many years to come.