3 Ways Chiropractors Can Help You In Addition To Spinal Manipulation

26 May 2016
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The main focus of chiropractic medicine is to alleviate and stop pain through the manipulation of the spinal vertebrae. Chiropractors believe that when the spine is out of its correct alignment, the vertebrae press on nerves that create painful sensations in the back and other parts of the body. However, if you are considering chiropractic services for your back pain, you should know that spinal manipulation is not the only ways your pain will be targeted. Here are three ways chiropractors can help to naturally stop your pain.

Interferential Stimulation Can Help Soothe Painful Muscles

Interferential stimulation, also referred to as electrical stimulation has been found to work well for relieving muscles spasms and the pain associated with them. Your chiropractic visit might include electrical stimulation. This kind of stimulation involves two electrical currents that work together to create a third one. The third current is the one that impacts your muscle tissue for relieving symptoms like edema and the fluid retention in the muscles associated with it. You should know that electrical stimulation is in no way painful.

Ultrasound Therapy Increases Flexible Joints And Tendons

Some chiropractors also use ultrasound therapy for producing heat that improves blood flow, reduces muscle spasms and helps to increases joint and tendon capsule flexibility. Ultrasound works by producing constant waves of acoustic energy. When the production of these waves continue without interruption, they produce heat that is used to penetrate the skin and muscle tissue. When used with spinal manipulation, ultrasound therapy can help you get around easier and without as much pain and stiffness.

Relaxation Techniques Like Deep Muscle Massage

Many chiropractors have massage therapists working in their offices. Massage therapy can help you relax and it helps to reduce muscle tension that would make spinal manipulation more challenging and possibly less effective. When you back muscles are relaxed, so are you, and spinal manipulation is more effective. Deep tissue massage can work to restore muscle and connective tissue alignment. Muscle massage has also been found to act as stress relieving therapy, giving you time to relax and rest before you go home or back to work. The more you relax and relieve stress, the fewer incidents of tender, painful muscles you experience.

If you are dealing with chronic back and muscle pain, you may be tired and worried about what to do about it. Learn more about natural chiropractic care and find out more about how you body can heal on its own with the help of chiropractic services.