2 Healthy Gifts To Give Your Father For Father's Day They Will Enjoy

25 May 2016
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There are many gifts you can give to your father for Father's Day. Instead of giving them the same type of gift you always do, this year give them a gift they will enjoy and will be healthy for them. Two of these gifts are listed below so you can choose one your father will like best.


A massage will help your father relax and even relieve stress if they are feeling any. It can also help review sore muscles and help them sleep better. There are many different types of massages you can purchase (from an outlet such as Excellence In Health Chiropractic & Rehab Clinic) for your father including:

  • Swedish: A Swedish massage is the most common type of massages used today. The technique used will relax your father's entire body.
  • Hot Stone Massage: The massage therapist uses hot stones on different areas of the body to loosen up tight muscles.
  • Chair Massage: This type of massage is done while your father is sitting in a chair. It is a good choice if your father would not feel comfortable taking off some of their clothes. The chair is not like a regular chair. Instead, your father will sit face forward and the massage therapist will stand behind them and massage their upper body.

Fitness Tracker Wristband

Even if your dad does not currently work out, a fitness tracker they wear on their wrist may help get them off the couch. These trackers are much more advanced today and can track the amount of any type of motion, such as stepping forward or stepping backward while they are walking or running, as well as count steps while they are exercising Having something keeping track of what your father is doing may give them a little more motivation.

Sitting too much can cause many health problems. For example, men who are inactive and sit much of the day are 94% more likely to die when compared to someone that is active.

Even if your father does not want to partake of any type of exercise, the fitness tracker can still be beneficial. This is because it can monitor your father's sleep and how often they move while sleeping. This can show them if they are actually sleeping as much as they think they are. Some trackers will alert you when it is time to go to bed. Not getting enough sleep for long periods of time can cause medical conditions like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity

Tell your father this information to give them even more motivation to move.

Your father will enjoy these two gifts and will likely keep using them. They may enjoy the massage so much they will keep going back, and once they start exercising they will be sure to wear their fitness tracker all the time.