Take Better Care Of Your Spine With These Four Tips

15 May 2016
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Your spine contains over 100 joints making it very susceptible to problems in your back. Unfortunately, the biggest cause of disability among the work population is spinal disorders. Because your spine travels the length of your back and neck, you can experience pain in several places on your back. One of the best ways to reduce or prevent pain from your spine is by taking proper care of it. This allows you to work and enjoy regular activities that require movement. Although many Americans will experience some type of back pain during their life, many of these pains can be preventable just by utilizing these techniques. 

Prevent Dehydration

It is easy to get dehydrated when you get busy, especially during the warmer months. Experts recommend consuming around eight 8 oz glasses of water each day to stay hydrated. Staying hydrated helps maintain fluidity in your joints and keeps the soft tissue more elastic. When your body does not have the water it needs, the joints will start to loosen their height and are more vulnerable to ruptures. It can also contribute to bulging discs which may require surgery and rehabilitation to fix. 

Utilize Low Impact Exercise

Exercising can be great for your back and spine if done correctly. Low impact exercises are especially helpful as it does not put a lot of pressure on your spine. Walking has been proven to help reduce lower back pain. Any time you have pain and choose to exercise, you want to be sure you have consulted with your doctor first. If, after you have exercised, you start to experience more pain, you should stop doing the exercise immediately. You can also get recommendations for other low impact exercises to help your spine from your chiropractor. 

Choose the Right Pillow

Your pillow has a big impact on how your back and spine feel during the day. You want to match your pillow type with your sleep position. Additionally, pillow height should match up to your body size to help prevent and reduce back pain. Experts suggest a height of 4 to 6 inches to best support your neck and head. This directly affects how your back and spine will feel. 

Listen to Your Body

If you experience pain in your back, it is normal to take a pain reliever to help reduce the pain, but this is only a temporary solution. Taking medication will mask the problem instead of fixing it. Should you choose to ignore the pain, you could end up experiencing much more pain in the end. It is important to seek out medical attention if the pain persists. This will help get to the root of the problem instead of letting it linger on. Contact a company like Rockwood Chiropractic for more info.